… for the real taste of India

Dilli - the restaurant that dared to serve authentic regional dishes from the heart of India.

Dilli broke the mould when it challenged other Indian restaurants in the North West to stop serving make-believe food that just didn't exist in the subcontinent.

Customers were challenged too - to experience what the genuine article really tasted like.

Not only did they like it … but so did local and national newspaper food critics, the Michelin Guide and other restaurant industry assessors.

Dilli joined the UK's top Asian restaurants and brought a touch of fine dining to Indian food . It was no longer the preserve of mass market curry houses. It was winning gourmet awards … and Dilli became the benchmark.

Discover why…

That Dilli no longer accept Tesco Mela Group Vouchers and now only accept Dilli Tesco Vouchers.

Dilli, 60 Stamford New Road,
Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 1EE
Tel: 0161 929 7484 /0161 927 9219